Nagad88 Affiliate: Earn Commission in Casino Bangladesh

Discover the Nagad88 Affiliate Partner Scheme, a chance to transform your love for gaming into a reliable side hustle! Nagad88 bet is a reputable and rapidly expanding Bangladeshi online casino that provides the following:

  • A safe environment.
  • A wide variety of games.
  • The opportunity to wager on the exciting Leagues. 

Nagad88 provides a top-notch affiliate system that is simple to learn and understand. In addition to having access to thrilling incentives based on advertising coins, you will receive safe payouts during monthly payments. As a result, affiliates may earn an extra 30,000 DBT.

Commission proportions are based on the status of affiliates. An individual will earn a 30% commission if there are fewer than 19 players and 40% if there are more than 20 players. Customer service representatives fluent in Bengali can answer inquiries about commission percentages and hybrid package options. They’ll do their best to cater to affiliates’ individual needs while simultaneously providing marketing resources to boost affiliates’ player recruitment efforts.

Reasons To Become A Nagad88 Affiliate

Superior System

Their clients will have no trouble navigating and understanding their website’s functionalities because of its intuitive layout.

Transfers Made Quickly and Safely

Users will be satisfied and have peace of mind because withdrawals are simple and fast.

A Revolutionary System for Reward Coins

As an investor, they can acquire reward coins with each deposit and experience the excitement of spins for the chance to win a limitless amount of cash, up to 30,000 won!

Customer Support Representatives Fluent in Bengali

When customers need help, they may speak with their expert customer support team members proficient in Bengali. This will make their encounter more pleasant and customized.

How To Register: 

Step 1:

To start earning as a partner, step one is to enroll by visiting agent supervisor or hitting the “register now” option on the site’s first page.

Step 2:

The following phase in processing your inquiry is to agent supervisor with the necessary information.

Step 3:

Third, you can access their exclusive agent portal if your information is approved.

Step 4: After setting up the official site, you may invite individuals to increase your earnings.

The Terms of Nagad88 Affiliate 

Please take the time to read the following rules and restrictions carefully. By signing up, you are indicating your approval of the conditions of membership given below, and you can proceed with your application for joining the Nagad88 associate program.


Becoming an affiliate of Nagad88 is your agreement to these conditions of membership when you sign up here. Documents such as a duplicate of an identification card, an email address, a phone number, and the name appearing on the card are required to be listed as an affiliate agent. An essential part of this contract is the application. Whether or not Nagad88 accepts your request is entirely up to them. There will be no further review or appeal of this judgment.

How to Calculate and Pay Out Commissions:

Once every reward and handling fee is deducted, an associate will receive a royalty from Nagad88. When people click on the link you provided, sign up for an account, and start betting at Nagad88, They get a cut of the profits.

After deducting all player damages from settled bets, net profit is the total amount received: 

Bonuses: These are monetary incentives offered to the affiliate’s clients through refunds, prizes, and bonuses.

Process fees: which include costs for deposits and withdrawals made by all of an affiliate’s clients, amount to 20% of the affiliate’s overall earnings.

Commissions to affiliates are paid out weekly by Bkash or Nagad bank transfer. You need ৳1,000 in your account before Nagad88 will make the necessary payment. 

They roll over a loss to the following month. Making enough money to pay the chargeback is the first step in turning a profit again.

To qualify for a 40% commission, a Nagad88 affiliate needs to have at least one active betting customer before they can start receiving reward payments weekly. Partner agents will not be paid if the number of active gambling consumers exceeds 0.

Earned commissions must be paid out at least once every week, with a minimum request of 姳1,000. The reward can go up to an unlimited amount. An active player is a single participant who deposits at least once a month. Affiliate payment % and calculating process are subject to change by Nagad88.

Example of Commission Calculation: 

Week 1:

(Total Gross Win – Full Bonuses – 20% Processing Fees) * 40% Commission: Reward 

Week 2: 

(Total Gross Loss – Full Bonuses – 20% Processing Fees) * 40% Commission: Damaging Carry Forward


At any moment, Nagad88 may revise or modify all or part of this contract by publishing an updated version on its website. Some examples of changes include expanding or contracting the spectrum of affiliate earnings offered and revising the regulations of the affiliate scheme. You can only terminate this contract if you are unsatisfied with any changes.


Nagad88 reserves the right to terminate this agreement immediately and without prior notice if you participate in spamming or any other type of promotion for their services. You need the authority and capability to bind us in any manner. Please do not make any statements about us that could be construed as promises, assurances, or assertions.

Please remove all their logos and banners from your website and turn off any links that direct to them once your connection has terminated. Any rights and licenses given to you under this agreement shall be instantly revoked. You are obligated to cease using their rights and to transfer to them, together with any copies of such material, any sensitive data you may have in your ownership, control, or authority.

Secret Information:

You may be provided access to private data on the business activities, fundamental technology, and the associate scheme while this agreement is in effect. You are obligated to keep all such sensitive details and not disclose or use them unauthorizedly to any third party or outside party without their explicit written authorization. You must also use the sensitive material solely to fulfill your obligations under this agreement. Your duties concerning sensitive data will remain in effect even after this agreement expires.